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Monthly Archives: February 2019

  • The Legend Behind The Sword

    What makes a sword great is sometimes the story behind it. Whether the story is a legend passed down or recorded history, the story starts with the man who uses the sword. We have selected a few of our swords that have all been wielded by what we consider 'legendary men'. Excalibur King Arthur - Excalibur   We all know the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Literature tells of a great warrior who defended Britain against the Saxons during the 5th and 6th Century, along with his fellowship of knights but there is little physical evidence to support these stories. Depicted by Nennius of Wales in his work History of the Britons, Arthur wins many battles throughout history with the legendary sword, Excalibur. Excalibur is said to be the source of Arthur’s power but once again there are contradicting tales of how Arthur came to...

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